GraczzPortal -> Login

The front-end user portal is meant for all users and staffs. To login, please enter and the login screen will appear.

GraczzPortal - Login

The process to login is quite straight forward with 2 different logic.

  1. User with Email & Password : Just enter with your Email and follow by password
  2. User with Email & NO Password : Just enter your Email, and the system will prompt you for password twice. Just enter 2 similar passwords and you will get in. Kindly note that the password needs at least 6 Alphanumeric with NO special characters.

Once ready, click on Login

GraczzPortal - Registration

For account registration, kindly enter your:

  1. Name : Your First Name
  2. Email : The email ID that we can reach you
  3. Password : 6 or more Alphanumeric characters

Once ready, click on Sign Up.

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